Tours with Veteran Cars

Enjoy the unique charme of riding on an about 100 years old "horseless carriage".

  • On one of the oldest Cadillacs from 1905, which took part several times on the famous London to Brighton Run.
  • On a Ford Tin Lizzy from 1913 still running strong. Henry Ford once said: Any customer can have a car painted any colour that he wants so long as it is black. This amazing car was built before all Fords became black. It is beautiful dark blue.

    Both cars are from the Edwardian era with a lot of brass.

  • Or on a six cylinders Durant Rugby R Tourer from 1926. This vintage car is good for a day ride.

For Tin Lizzy Bj. 1913

Ford Tin Lizzy Bj. 1913

Cadillac Bj. 1905

Cadillac Bj. 1905

Rugby Durant Bj. 1926

Durant Rugby 6 Zylinder Bj. 1926